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5 Core Food Processor 300W

5 Core Food Processor 300W

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  • Transform Your Kitchen with the 5 Core Electric Food Chopper: With just a press of a button, prep work is done in seconds. This powerful tool quickly and evenly chops food, making it easy to prepare delicious recipes for yourself or your entire family in no time!

  • Efficient and Large Capacity: The 12-cup food processor Stainless Steel bowl is perfect for most households, easily handling tasks such as chopping meat and vegetables. Its 300W motor and 4 Titanium Blades provide powerful performance, making it perfect for cutting hard ingredients efficiently.

  • Versatile with 2 Speed Options: Choose between two speeds for different types of ingredients-speed one is perfect for items like onion, garlic, parsley, sesame, and hot pepper, while speed two is ideal for meats, nuts, smoothies, and baby food. Discover just how powerful this tool can be in your kitchen!

  • Slow & Fast Speed for All Foods: Regardless of what food you're processing, the electric meat grinder is an essential tool. Chop vegetables, fruits, and onions in just 4-6 pulses, or chop meats, ice, and nuts in only a few seconds. The two speeds with low noise make it the ideal choice for most kitchens.

  • Easy Clean-up: All parts of the electric food processors, including the lid, blades, and glass bowl, are detachable and can be cleaned in the dishwasher (excluding the motor). Simply rinse with water and wipe the base with a damp cloth for a breeze of clean-up.

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